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This holiday season, let's have a spirit of giving to orphan care.

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There are many ways to give to the cause of orphan care. Here are ideas on how your business, family, or you can become a crucial part to Serving Orphans Worldwide.

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- Consider donating a percentage of companies profits

- Offer employees a payroll deduction that supports SOW

- Adopt An Orphanage as a company.

Why & how Bellafina Chocolates gives to Serving Orphans Worldwide.  

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- Give up presents and ask your family to give to SOW.

- Donate in honor of your loved ones.

- Adopt An Orphanage as a family by donating $10+ a month.

Why the Bakers give to Serving Orphans on a monthly basis.  

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- Donate part of your paycheck to SOW.

- Instead of presents, ask friends & family to give to SOW.

- Adopt An Orphanage by donating $10+ a month.

Be creative with your giving, see how Kennedy raised money for Serving Orphans Worldwide.  

'Tis the Season to Give

100% of your donation goes to rescue & sustain orphanages worldwide.


or Visit our Store    

100% of the profits from these goods go to support global orphan care.