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Orphaned children are the most vulnerable children in the world.

For most of them, a permanent family is not an immediate option. Alone and without care, they are exposed to the worst our world has to offer.

Sex Trafficking

Orphans are targets for sex traffickers due to their lack of a support system. Of the 750,000 + people sold across international borders each year, over half are children.

Child Labor

Without adults to speak on their behalf, or argue for their well-being, orphans are exceptionally vulnerable to business owners looking to take advantage of free labor.


Without supervision or proper medical care, orphans fall victim to diseases and ailments, that otherwise could be cured with simple treatments.

Armed Conflict

Due to the unstable governments and deep rooted racism in many of the countries where orphans are most vulnerable, these children find themselves in the crossfire of conflicts they don’t understand.


Extreme poverty and poor living conditions go hand-in-hand with the plight of the orphans. Often, the children will be poorly clothed, barefoot, and without shelter.


While the threat of addiction is real, the greater danger for a lot of orphaned children is the environment the trade creates, and the children’s susceptibility to being pulled into the production and distribution of narcotics.

In many areas of the world, orphanages provide the last line of defense against these realities, but most of them are struggling just to survive.

At Serving Orphans Worldwide, we empower caregivers to do their best work.

Through donations, guidance, and expertise, we put them on the path to self-sustainability and empower them to give quality care. We come alongside our homes in three distinct ways.


We connect our Covenant Homes to the resources they need, so that they can offer each child an acceptable quality of life.


We empower caregivers, administrators and directors at each home, by providing the training they need to excel in their unique context.


We help our Covenant Homes discover new methods of sustainability and free themselves from the dangerous cycle of dependency.

“Fifteen years ago, it was a very terrible point. We had a completely destroyed building without windows or doors. I had debt and very often no food. It was finished...”

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