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At Serving Orphans Worldwide, we fill in the gap between unrealized potential and continued success for orphanages all over the world, empowering them to achieve sustainability and excellence.

Supporting more than 5000 orphans
Through 42 orphanages
Across 25 countries

Orphanage Spotlight
Phebe Grey Orphanage

Liberia has been ravaged by two violent civil wars since 1989, leaving more than 250,000 people killed and as many as one million – nearly half the population – displaced in miserable refugee camps.

The Phebe Grey orphanage was built in 1996 by a team of missionaries led by the Reverend David Ofori, a man who became impassioned to help after witnessing the huge number of children left destitute and alone in this war-torn country.

It is heart-wrenching to think of the many atrocities these children have had to witness and endure. Not only were they often left as orphans but also sometimes forced to fight as soldiers and participate in violent acts. In the first civil war alone (1989 to 1996), as many as 20 percent of the combatants were believed to be children less than 18 years old.


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