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Serving Orphans Worldwide
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Our Mission

At the heart of who we are is the belief that every child has the right to define their own possibilities.

This right, however, is all too often unrealized in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children. Instead, their possibilities become limited by the harsh realities of loss, abandonment, or exploitation.

At Serving Orphans Worldwide, we believe our place in the ever-evolving landscape of orphan care is to support the ministry of orphanages and children’s homes. Here at SOW, we do whatever it takes to rescue struggling homes from failure or destitution, come alongside partner homes with training opportunities to raise their standards of care, and provide the means for our orphanages to pursue self-sustainability.

Rescue. Train. Sustain.

We realize that God’s perfect design for children is the intimacy of family, but we understand that is not a likely reality for many of the world’s orphan population. While we may not be able to bring every orphan into our homes, we can work diligently to better the homes where so many orphaned children are found today.

With your support, we can put the power of possibility back into the hands of every child.

Join us … at the start of possible.