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House of Hope, Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

About the Orphanage

House of Hope, Cambodia

LOCATION:  Phnom Penh, Cambodia



ORPHANAGE NEEDS:  Regular monthly support for daily operations, furnishings and longer-term plans to provide tuition assistance for schooling.


More than 30 years of war, political and civil unrest have left Cambodia as one of the poorest and most vulnerable countries in the world.  An estimated 570,000 children have been left parentless due to the ravages of AIDS, land mine explosives, malnutrition and poverty.

People for Care and Learning (PCL) is an innovative organization that exists to assist the poor in “closed countries” through humanitarian projects. In 2009, PCL heard about a group of children who had been left destitute and homeless after an orphanage was forced to close in Phnom Penh due to neglect and mismanagement.  With assistance from a private US-based foundation, PCL responded to this crisis by opening Hope Orphanage which now offers solace and a loving home to 21 innocent children.  The orphanage seeks to provide continued safety to these youngsters and hopes to offer each of them a private education in an effort to escape the poorly run education system. 


Serving Orphans Worldwide addresses solutions for orphans all over the world who are struggling with issues such as: Starvation, Disease, Exploitation, Abuse, Extreme Weather, Natural Disasters, War, Conflict, and Illiteracy

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