Adopt An Orphanage

With November being National Orphan Awareness Month, there could not be a better time to launch our Adopt an Orphanage Campaign.

Orphaned children are often exposed to the worst our world has to offer. Child labor, drug and alcohol addiction, abject poverty, and sex trafficking are just a few of the many harsh realities that orphans face outside of proper care.

Unfortunately, for many of them, a permanent family is not an immediate option.

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Out of more than 153,000,000 orphans worldwide, only 23,609 were adopted in 2011. That’s less than 1%.

In many areas of the world, orphanages provide the last line of defense for these children, but many are struggling just to survive.

The orphanages sponsored by Serving Orphans Worldwide receive monthly support that pays for the operational cost of running the home. For some homes, this keeps children from starvation or malnourishment. For others, it pays to keep the lights on or to provide clean water. Adopting an Orphanage means you commit to support a specific orphanage through a monthly recurring donation.

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Join the Rescue of 45 orphanages in 25 countries.

Every child has the right to:


The Rescue ensures all of these to more than 7,000 orphans.

Each month, we’ll be featuring a new home that desperately needs SOW sponsorship. On our new website, you’ll be able to track how much has been raised, learn more about what your money is providing and read the stories of the children, families, and caretakers.

We believe in meeting children where they are. We believe in the power of possibility.