Connected in Christ: The Philippines

A series on the transformational power of Christ around the world.

Horizon of Hope Village completed March of 2015

Horizon of Hope Village is located in Taytay, a suburb of Manila in the Philippines. Currently, the home only keeps about 5 children. In March of this year the home completed a construction project that has been almost 3 years in the making. The two story family unit will hold about 20 children and full time staff. The building has been inspected, approved, and licensed by the government. Now, the directors and staff (and all of us at Serving Orphans Worldwide) are anxiously awaiting the addition of more children! This has been a venture of faith for Janice and Donald Slaton, directors of Horizon of Hope Village. They raised the money as the construction was taking place and had faith that God would provide what they needed in order for the home to be completed. And guess what? He did!

“ We desire that every child who is placed in our care will know and be made aware that they are a personal creation of God, and that the Creator has a plan for their life! We are excited, but a little apprehensive at the same time as we begin a new phase of this journey, caring for these little ones. It was never God’s intent for families to be broken and children left without one.” — Janice Slaton

The first five children to call Horizon of Hope Village home!

The house mother, Veronica, has been a big help as the children adjust to their new home. Children wake up with her and sing songs that give praise to Jesus. Veronica is passionate about teaching the kids about who Jesus is and how he died on a cross for each one of them. After several weeks, one 7 year old boy started to understand how much Jesus loved him and asked Veronica how he could have Jesus live in his heart. Veronica then knelt down with the boy and locked hands as he repeated the sinners prayer for the first time. Veronica said, “he has been a changed boy every since he received Christ as his Savior”.

Veronica is more than a house mother, she is also a spiritual mother!

Although they’re part of diverse cultures and different contexts, all of our homes have one thing in common. They each strive to transform the lives of children with the love of Christ. Our aim is that the children of our homes will become committed Christians who take responsibility for their lives, their communities, and their world.

Story by : Abby Causey

Photos by : Mia Baker

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Story by : Abby Causey

Photos by : Mia Baker