Charlie and the Harley


Nothing warms a heart more during the Christmas season than hearing the inspiring story of a cheerful giver! And if there was ever such a heartwarming story here at SOW to share with you as inspiration during the holidays, it would be the story of Charlie and the Harley…

Charlie Warren and his wife Donna were introduced to SOW’s ministry over the summer after hearing Lead Ambassador Richard Baker share a testimony about his trips to our orphanages overseas. His stories opened up the Warren’s eyes to the world of orphan care, and immediately the couple was inspired to join SOW in the rescue of orphans any way they could.

Charlie and Donna hit the ground running in their efforts to get involved with SOW as they began by volunteering on the gala planning committee. But even then, the Warren’s knew they wanted to do something more for the cause.

That’s when Charlie had a revving idea.


“We came for the volunteer meeting, and Richard gave us a tour of SOW’s office. He told us even more stories [of his travels overseas to the orphanages]. I just went home, and it hit me,” Charlie said.

Deeply moved by the mission and vision of Serving Orphans Worldwide, Charlie decided to make a generous donation to SOW. But his was no ordinary donation…

Of all the gifts Charlie could have given, he decided to give his most prized possession — a 1995 nostalgic Harley.

“I told Richard it was my first Harley that I ever had. Out of all the motorcycles I’ve had, it is my favorite,” Charlie said. “It hurt to give, but I’m hoping that somebody will step up and buy it to help the orphanages!”

But as wonderful as the gift of Charlie’s Harley was, it’s the story behind the gift that is truly the heart of its inspiration.

7 years ago, Charlie was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. And ever since then, he and Donna have lived one day at a time, trusting in the Lord’s plan for their lives and leaning on him to get them through this trying season.

“I’m being taken care of,” Charlie says. “The Lord has a plan, and I’ve been very blessed.”

Knowing about Charlie’s diagnosis prior to his donation, Richard was moved by Charlie and Donna’s generosity to donate the bike regardless of their circumstances.

“I was very, very touched… Especially knowing his condition, that Charlie has liver cancer, and that he could probably take those resources and personally use them,” Richard said. “It really touched me, and lets me know that God can speak to people even in their darkest times and tell them that they can still reach out and help orphans.”

The bike, which features a classic color combination of black and silver, has the vintage characteristics that only a Harley nostalgic could have. It is in pristine condition, showcasing vintage fenders and white-wall tires that ride like a dream.


Needless to say, this would not have been an easy bike to part with. But in the end, Charlie is confident that the Lord will use this donation to make a profound impact upon SOW’s ministry.

Richard agreed, stating that he believed the impact of this unique donation would be two-fold.

“I believe the proceeds from the sale of the bike will impact SOW in two ways: First, I think the donation will send a very positive message to people that somebody who’s going through a trial in their own life still had a passion and a desire to help orphans who are less fortunate than themselves. But then the monetary value of the bike could easily support an orphanage for 3 or 4 months, and take care of those kids. So it will be a very positive impact financially as well!”

When asked what he would like to see happen for SOW as a result of his donation, Charlie had high hopes that the Lord would impress someone’s heart to give above and beyond what he had ever dreamed the bike would bring!

“I would like to see somebody pay up some good money for it, and pay even more for it than what it’s worth — break the bank!”

If you are inspired by Charlie’s story, and are interested in purchasing the Harley to aid in the rescue of thousands of children worldwide, please contact SOW at or call Jenny at (423)989.7205.