What Legacy Will You Leave? The Surujpaul’s Story

Bless The Children Home in Guyana helps to meet the needs of more than 100 children each year and provides full time care to dozens of orphans. The Surujpauls who helped establish the home have been the directors here for 9 years and will leave a legacy for many generations to come both in their own family and through the families served by their years of service.

Mr. and Mrs. Surujpaul got married at the age of 19, and they were both born in Guyana in the same village. When they got married, Mr. Surujpaul was a school teacher. (A highly coveted and well paying job of that time). However, soon after marriage he felt a call of God on his life to go into full time ministry. He obeyed! Together, he and his wife Sheila started preaching the gospel in the mostly Hindu and Muslim neighborhoods that surrounded their village.

During their life together, they raised 4 children and today are blessed with 4 grandchildren. They stayed in full time ministry for all of the 49 years they have been married. After over a decade of serving in their home country of Guyana, they were led to America to continue raising their family where they became citizens.

After more than 20 years of being in the US, Mrs. Sheila received a dream from God to use a piece of land she purchased from a family member in Guyana to open an orphanage. She was sure that God wanted her to use that specific spot to help hurting children in Guyana find hope and fulfill their purpose in God. She enlisted her family’s help and started the journey to build Bless the Children Home. Her dream for this started in 2005.

With the help of friends, family and complete strangers, the home was built in Guyana completely debt free. In September 2008 they opened the doors to the first set of children. This year will mark 9 years of the home’s service to children of Guyana. During these years we’ve seen many, many, children grow up and are happy they had a second chance in life.

In late 2015 Ms. Sheila was diagnosed with stage 3-4 peritoneal cancer. She was scheduled for surgery to remove what they thought was “some” cancer on her ovaries. When the surgeon went in to do surgery, there was cancer on every organ in her abdomen area. She was sent for chemo and further treatment, but in spite of the bad news, Ms. Sheila knew that her time was not over on this earth and that there was much more work to be done. So, she prayed and believed God for a complete healing and restoration. Miraculously, the cancer is gone and she no longer has to go through treatments or surgeries! We continue to thank God for her complete healing and restoration. Since that time, she has gone back to Guyana to live and serve the children. Together her and her husband help provide a stable mom and dad figure for the children. They call Rev. Surujpaul “uncle pastor” and fondly refers to her as mom or Ms. Sheila.

The children and staff of the home are truly grateful for her generosity and for her perseverance to fulfill God’s instruction to her to build a home for children. She did all of this with the full help and support of her husband who she had been supporting in ministry for years and years.

In Guyana she is known as “mom to many.”

Bless The Children Home is grateful to have such a godly heritage, and Serving Orphans Worldwide considers it a privilege to partner with them to impact the lives of more orphaned children in Guyana. Your financial support is a very big part of our operations and helping to care for these beautiful children. We thank you for your continued support.