A Future and A Hope: Greta’s Wedding

The State of Rajasthan in the northern part of India is known by many as the “State of Kings.” When most westerners picture the colorful streets, people, and customs of India, Rajasthan is usually what they envision. It is a state of extremes. Behind the colorful culture, bustling cities, and serene rural villages, there are many people without hope.
In a country where approximately 80,000 children go missing each year and millions reside on the streets to fend for themselves, only a small percentage of these orphans will ever have a chance to live in a loving home and realize their full potential.
Greta was orphaned at the age of one along with her two siblings. At that time, there were no living relatives or foster families who were able to take in Greta and her sisters. For many in India, Karma demands that the orphans, the poor, the disabled, and others dealing with a crisis must shoulder their burden alone. (Based on supposed sins committed in a past life)
Luckily, there was a Christian orphanage willing to take Greta and her siblings in. It was there that she grew up in a home with food, clothing, the opportunity to get an education, and adult mentors who could share the Love of Christ.

Today, Greta is a beautiful young woman who serves as a house mom at El Shaddai Rescue home. She has dedicated her life to giving other orphaned children in India the same opportunities she had. On April 14th, 2017, she married the love of her life Kuldeep in front of 150 gusts with a huge wedding celebration! Kuldeep also has a unique background…He was brought up in a very rural part of Northern India in an un-reached people group where the Gospel has not fully reached. After coming to Christ through some miraculous connections, he now works as a driver for the tour bus company that acts as a source of income for the ministry.

The ultimate goal for all of the Serving Orphans Worldwide projects is sustainability. We wanted to share this story with you, and let you know that it is because of you, that Greta’s story is even possible. When we reach out and influence the condition of one orphan, it has a ripple effect that changes many lives for generations to come!
This newly wedded couple have decided to continue working together with El Shaddai Rescue home for years to come. Let’s hope the best for them and their future!