The Father’s Love in Action in Uganda

Serving Orphans Worldwide is excited to add a new ministry to the growing list of homes that we support in East Africa. The Omwana House in Uganda is a program of Parental Care Ministries and they provide a loving home for abandoned and orphaned infants and toddlers. We want you to meet a three year old little boy named Arnold ­— adorable with a beautiful smile and filled with the potential and love God has placed in him.  He lives in a mud hut in a village in Uganda.

His mother abandoned him — and his father leaves him at home every day while he is out looking for work.  How could he possibly survive, much less thrive? When the local authorities heard that Arnold and his siblings were home alone, they stepped in. They brought Arnold to the Parental Care Ministries Omwana House. “Omwana” is Ugandan for “baby”.


The team at the Omwana House prayed for Arnold, provided nourishing food, medical care and loved on this child knowing he had a Jeremiah 29:11 purpose for his life.

Today Arnold is a thriving, happy, even entertaining child.  He is a natural born leader and is looked up to by the other children. He is six years old and goes to one of the four Parental Care Ministries primary schools. We are thankful for the way that the Lord meets the needs of the babies that He brings to the Omwana House.


About The Omwana House

When Jesus said “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you” (John 14:18), He was revealing the work of the Holy Spirit through the lives of His people. This Scripture comes to life at the Omwana House, a loving home for orphaned and abandoned babies in Uganda.

The Omwana House is a safe haven where the helpless can turn for hope. Whether children were orphaned at birth or faced with the trauma of abuse or neglect, our goal is to welcome them with love and care.


Story by: Heather Allen – Parental Care Ministries