Edwin’s Story – Dreaming Big in Guatemala

At the age of 7, Edwin and his two siblings were taken to Casa Shalom orphanage in Guatemala after their mother fled the country during a time of civil war and their father was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident.

Before coming to Casa Shalom, he had never been to see a doctor. Edwin loved to play soccer, but he struggled to catch his breath and keep up with all the other children. As part of the intake process, Edwin received medical care, and a life-threatening heart condition was discovered that required immediate surgery.

After multiple surgeries and years of recovery, Edwin was able to experience life to the fullest and participate in sports after school with all of his friends. There was still an emptiness in Edwin’s heart that he carried from losing his family, but God was able to do an amazing work in Edwin’s life.

Having every excuse to settle for mediocrity and to live in a place of bitterness and depression over what was a very traumatic childhood, Edwin decided instead to have joy. God promised him a future and a hope.

After High School, Edwin was able to attend University and live at the Casa Shalom campus for a few more years. His dream for many years was to save up enough money to start a business, so he studied Business Administration. Once he obtained his degree, he got a job as a teller at a local bank and saved up enough money to import a car from the United States and re-sell it for a small profit.

Using the knowledge and tools that he learned from University as well as Casa Shalom, Edwin has been able to build a thriving business that now also employs other former Casa Shalom children including his little sister.

He dreams about a day when his country heals from some of the wounds still left over from the civil war and economic hardships of the past. He believes that God will continue to use him to make a difference in the lives of more young adults who need a hand up and a chance to work and earn a living.

On November 10th, 2017, Edwin travelled to Texas to attend the World Without Orphans Gala where he was presenting with the 2017 Innovation Award.