A Big Win for the Children & Staff at Shalom in Tanzania

A recent study by the Center for Health Policy and Inequalities and the Duke Global Health Institute looked specifically at the rates of “Poor Health Among Orphaned & Abandoned Children and Their Caregivers.”

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has visited a children’s home in the developing world that conditions are less than favorable in most of these environments. When Serving Orphans Worldwide comes alongside a partner home, we want to do more than just send money each month when there is a real opportunity to increase the quality of life for both the children and staff.

Our four focus areas are Home, Health, Education, and Faith. When we make investments in those areas, children can have a foundation to build on.

In the summer of 2017, we identified a need at Shalom Children’s Home in Tanzania. For the 73 children plus staff who live on the campus, there were only three toilets and no shower stalls on property. One staff toilet and two other toilets shared by all 73 children can become a major health concern.

Thanks to a special gift from a family in the US, they have just completed a major update to their campus and have enough facilities for all children, staff, and even future visitors!

The Story of Shalom: