Celebrating Christmas Around the World.

There are many signs that tell us Christmas is near. For most of us in the United States,  we recognize that special time of the year when the weather gets colder, the smell of cookies fill the air and the stores become full of people buying last minute gifts. The pressure of decorating and buying gifts to exchange can quickly become overwhelming during this season.

Depending on our culture, experiences and family traditions, Christmas is be celebrated in different ways around the world. In the same way, our partner homes exist in various cultural contexts with their own way of celebrating Christmas. However, it is amazing to see their commonalities during this time of the year. All around the world, children are getting ready to celebrate the precious gift of our Lord, Jesus Christ who ultimately saved us all.

While Christmas is often described as the most wonderful time of the year, it can also remind us of grief, loss, brokenness and rejection. This is the reason why staff at Pilgrim Republic Children’s Home in Ukraine make it a priority to really show the children that they are loved and truly part of a family during this season. We just love this quote that was in the most recent monthly report from our friends at Pilgrim.

“It is important for us to provide everything necessary for the holidays, to organize and hold special events, including Christmas dramas and parties. This is the most exciting time for children, where there should be a lot of gifts, holiday banquets, unforgettable events and impressions. The overwhelming majority of the kids here at Pilgrim have never seen this holiday as it should be.”

Our other partner homes couldn’t agree more. As they prepare for their own holiday festivities, keep them in your prayers as they work hard to make Christmas extra special for the children they serve.

In Mexico, the children at Casa Hogar Maria Atkinson have formed a children’s choir and are getting ready to go caroling this year. The girls at Bethsaida Girl’s Home in Tanzania have been making beautiful Christmas cards. The children at Sails of Hope are enjoying their first day of snow and are preparing for a Christmas outreach event in their community.

All the way from Kakamega, Kenya, the children at Victorious children’s home are preparing for a special Christmas dinner and festive activities. At Voices of Love in South Asia, children are getting ready for a big event where they will exchange gifts, sing songs and perform a dance for special guests.

New toys for the children at Victorious Children’s home, Kenya.

As children from our partner homes gather together and celebrate this special time of the year, we would also like to celebrate you. As we focus on the heart of Christmas, we want to celebrate your love, generosity, compassion and support of Serving Orphans Worldwide. You are a marvelous extension of God’s kingdom, reaching some of the darkest places in the world and for that, we thank you!

We hope you have a Merry Christmas,

With love,

SOW Staff