If there is ever a time to hold onto this hope, it is now. It is completely natural for our hearts and minds to be concerned with the uncertainty and fear that comes with job losses, food insecurity, illness and other challenges during these difficult times. However, we mustn’t forget the hope we have in Christ who conquered death, hell and the grave! When we have this hope, no matter how difficult life gets, we will have a reason and a purpose to look at life differently. We will walk through these troubled times with confidence and say, “this too shall pass.”

As an organization, we have not been immune to these fears. However, we want to share with you just how much of an encouragement you all have been to us! When we made the decision to continue our commitment to support our partner homes, we made it in faith. We were certain that giving would potentially slow down, understandably so. Instead, you have blown us away with your generosity and have truly been an answer to prayer! We have received encouraging words and powerful prayers from so many of you during this time. You are the lifeline of our organization and with every penny going to the field, you are truly making a significant impact!

Thank you for your faithfulness and Happy Easter!


The SOW Team

The stories are countless, but we want to share a few of the things you are accomplishing with your generosity.

In DR Congo, the prices of food and other commodities have gone up, putting strain on our partner homes. Because of you, we were able to increase our support at Open Spring Orphanage, as they recently took in five orphaned children in dire need. We were able to repair the water source at St. Therese Children’s Home ensuring they have access to clean water on site during their lockdown. 

All together, you are helping over 6,000 orphaned children around the world by providing for their physical needs as well as investing in their eternity.