Unexpected circumstances bring unexpected blessings

It is rare that an event or situation could impact the entire human race at the same time and in a similar way across the globe. The COVID 19 pandemic has affected the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. It has impacted the Eastern Mediterranean, the Western Pacific and has infected people of all races, ages, backgrounds and social standings. The virus swept the earth quickly, forcing economies to shut down and causing the prices of basic necessities to surge. Furthermore, it was completely unexpected. However, we know that trials and tribulations are wonderful opportunities for God to show us that He is faithful to provide us with what we need to persevere through these difficult times. Sometimes, these unexpected circumstances can bring about some of the most wonderful unexpected blessings.

Serving Orphans Worldwide works with 60 children’s homes in 27 countries that are working hard to change the lives of close to 6500 orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide. This pandemic has touched all of our partner homes, presenting numerous challenges that affect their daily operations. There are moments where they must purely rely on faith to carry on with their work. When we see blessings unfold in the midst of situations beyond our control, we know God is moving and it can be an encouragement to all of us. Therefore, we asked some our homes if they have experienced any unexpected blessings during this time. We wanted to share some direct quotes from the field.

“In Early May when our food stocks were getting low, a friend went to raise money on our behalf and donated $1,600 to increase our supply. The SOW funds were used to purchase milking cows and the milk has been very useful during this critical moment.” – Warra E. Nnko, Director, Shalom Orphanage in Tanzania.

Garden at Shalom Orphanage, Tanzania

“Since there are no regular classes in the school, and online classes started, we were praying for a monitor screen. One family came forward to donate a brand new screen for the children. As far as income goes, SOW funds are indeed a blessing to the functioning of our institution because it is the only consistent funds we are receiving during this time.” – Rev. C.C Thomas, Director, Mount Carmel Children’s Home, South Asia

“We thank God for protecting us during this period of coronavirus. We now have clean water at home, we have food, we have vegetables in our fields. A lot of blessings.”- Fikiri Clementine, Director, St. Therese- DR Congo

Clean water at St. Therese, DR Congo

“Recently, our Pace Children’s Home in Siem Reap, Cambodia was blessed with over 2000 eggs. We have been distributing them within our community.” – Isaac Lutz, Director, People for Care and Learning, Cambodia

“SOW funds have provided the children with good food, including dairy products, fruits and fresh vegetables during this time of crisis”. – Andrej Samoilenko, Director, Sails of Hope Ukraine

“SOW has been “essential” in assuring all of us at the Children’s Place that we can meet the needs of our children. We needed to stock about 2-3 months of groceries and we will continue to do this in the coming months to be sure we are ready for any problems. We have not had to release any children from our care. Also, our national company and private people have donated food and hygiene supplies. The national company “Gatsuurt” donated potatoes, carrots, onions, and turnips. Individuals donated flour, rice, butter, sunflower oil, noodles, rice, and 3 liters of hand sanitizer, etc. It was a great blessing.” – Munkhtuul D, Director, The Childern’s Place, Mongolia

Homeschooling at The Children’s Place, Mongolia

“This time (of quarantine) has helped us understand even more deeply that our dependence comes from God and although we know that though many things are lacking, God’s provision will always be timely. In times of difficulty, having a constant fund like SOW helps us to supply areas of need because we know that the donation will always be present” .- Obed Herrera, Director, Alpha and Omega, Mexico

Thanks to our SOW family for continuing to support these children through the wonderful work of these homes. Your faithfulness continues to be a blessing in the toughest of times