Texas Based Agency Shares their Heart Behind Raising Funds for Center of Hope in Vietnam.

It is always so encouraging when we meet local businesses who are actively seeking out opportunities to make a global impact. Last month, Agency owner, Greg Gray and Insurance agent, Trish Nguyen of Renaissance Insurance Group reached out to us and shared their incredible desire to help orphaned and abandoned children in Vietnam. Renaissance Insurance Group is located in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area in Texas. Their search for a reliable delivery system and a meaningful orphan care project to support led them to find Serving Orphans Worldwide and our partner home, Center of Hope which is located just three hours north of Saigon.

Currently, Center of Hope is home to over 120 of Vietnam’s most vulnerable children. Most of the children living at Center of Hope come from the highly marginalized H’mong tribe and face many difficult challenges. Some of the children have lost their parents to illness, poverty, violence and other extreme circumstances. Through our new partnership, we would ensure that 100% of any support raised by Renaissance Insurance Group will go directly to the home and to the children who need it most. Learn more about Center of Hope here.

Recently, our Communications Coordinator, Susan Anderson sat down with Greg and Trish to learn more about their story. We were so moved by their generous hearts that we felt we had to share the interview with our SOW family!

Susan Anderson (SOW staff): Can you please tell me more about your company and why philanthropy is so deeply ingrained into the culture there? 

Greg Gray, Agency Owner, Renaissance Insurance Group

Greg Gray, Agency Owner: Renaissance Insurance Group was formed in July of 2019 with a mission of protecting people differently in the insurance realm. The insurance agency is one of a number of enterprises that I own; the longest standing being Renaissance Unlimited, Inc. (27 years) a professional leadership development firm. Central to the core belief of all of those enterprises, including Renaissance Insurance Group is the belief that service to the community is the rent we pay for the privilege of being alive in this world. Service to the community and philanthropy have been part of my entire life.

Renaissance Insurance Group adopted this same commitment with our Community Cause Recommendation program which put in place the infrastructure to afford the agency and our customers the opportunity to donate to a worthy cause as the result of any client recommendations. Within a few months, I realized that my team members would be even more energized if they had the opportunity to choose a cause that is near and dear to their hearts. That is what brought Center of Hope Vietnam on our radar. One of our valued team members sat before me with tears welling in her eyes about the importance of supporting orphans in Vietnam, and the rest, as they say, is history. We could not be happier than to support Trish’s passion and in doing so, support Center of Hope Vietnam.


Trish Nguyen, Insurance Agent, Renaissance Insurance Group

Susan: How did you find out about our organization (Serving Orphans Worldwide) and the Center of Hope project in Vietnam

Trish Nguyen, Insurance Agent: When asked by my agency owner, Greg what non-profit organization I was interested raising donations for, I didn’t hesitate and told him I wanted to help an orphanage. Upon many organizations, I’ve chosen my mother and father’s motherland, Vietnam.

Growing up, I’ve heard plenty of stories and my family would make visits back to Vietnam to donate and do charity work for those living in poverty. The credit for my finding out about Serving Orphans Worldwide, Center of Hope Vietnam goes to Greg. Greg dedicated his time and effort into doing research and was able to find Serving Orphans Worldwide on social media, and via the website itself.





Susan: Why are you so passionate about orphan care, particularly in Vietnam?

Trish Nguyen: Being an Asian American, I grew up with stories about my motherland. Luckily, I was also gifted with trips back to Vietnam by my family. I remember my first trip back when I was about six or seven and seeing kids around my age who were less fortunate than me, wearing torn clothes and carrying ripped paper books. Vietnam, a communist country that holds so much sorrow through stories of what it had become after the war. I appreciated the country so much more after hearing my family’s personal stories; how they had to leave everything behind just to chase the American Dream. But why am I so passionate about orphan care in particular? The inspiration came from both of my parents because both of them were orphans themselves. My parents made sure that growing up, my siblings and I were well provided for and nurtured with plenty of love. When I look at them, I can only see the heartaches they went through. Like a timeline in vision, I can see the pain of being orphaned to escaping the war and fleeing the country. Therefore, I want to help and provide for these kids who deserve love and care like my parents have given me.

Trish’s family, including her parents who were orphaned by the Vietnam war.


 Susan: How are you raising funds for Center of Hope?

Trish Nguyen: We are raising funds through our referral program. Basically, with every referral I get from you; family, friends or anyone who can benefit from a free quote (no obligation), Greg (agency owner) will donate $10 dollars to Center of Hope Vietnam under your name. Here at our agency, we do things differently. We will go over the coverages with you, provide you with a better understanding of your proposal and custom build a valuable policy with you. However, I am only licensed and can only provide this service in Texas.

You can upload your recommendations on: www.renaissancegroup.com and if you want the quoting process to be simple and quick, you can fill out this web form prior to our phone appointment. https://www.leadmanagementlab.com/Form.aspx?id=24870ece-6d0d-4353-92ad-2162d6d01c2c