Serving Orphans Worldwide rescues, trains, & sustains orphanages.

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We travel the world to find inspiring ministries that care for orphans and vulnerable children, then we give them what they need to keep their doors open and better the lives of the children they serve. Our goal is to meet children where they are and make sure they are provided the loving care they deserve.

Step OneIdentifying Potential Partners

None of the ministries that we support are owned or operated by Serving Orphans Worldwide. Instead, we empower existing ministries to do the work they've been called to. Potential partners are most often identified via referrals within the SOW family of supporters and their affiliates. Once a potential partner has been identified, we then begin the process of choosing whether or not we'll be able to work towards the same goals together.

Step TwoSelecting Covenant Homes

The process of selecting a Covenant Home begins with an extensive application that gives us insight regarding the ministry’s background, operational structure, financial situation and vision for the future. After prayerfully considering their application, a SOW representative personally visits the ministry on the field to verify the information given and begin assessing the needs of the children.

Step ThreeAssessing the Need

Once an initial visit is made, the SOW team gathers to decide which needs are most pressing, the immediate cost to cover the ministry’s deficit, and what SOW can reasonably afford to give. Many factors contribute to the decision of how much will be sent to new partners: the ministry’s capacity to fundraise for itself, its local economy, the magnitude and urgency of the children’s need, and the potential for a lasting and effective relationship with the ministry’s leadership, to name a few.

Step FourEntering the Covenant

Upon approval by the SOW Board of Directors, the ministry signs what we call a Covenant Agreement with SOW. In this Covenant, the ministry promises to use 100% of what we provide each month for the cost of caring for orphans and vulnerable children. They also promise to protect each child’s rights and uphold their best interest, and provide monthly and annual reports to SOW. Lastly, they sign in agreement to our Statement of Faith, Core Values, and Quality of Care Policy.

Step 5The Rescue

The first phase of SOW support is called Rescue. In this phase, we send a set amount of monthly support to each Covenant Home. In return, our Covenant Homes send us a monthly report of expenses, income, needs, news, praise and prayer requests. In this way, we are able to monitor exactly how our donors’ money is being spent and assess the home’s progress toward the best care possible.

Step 6Train & Sustain

However, our goal is not mere survival. While all of our Covenant Homes are currently in the Rescue phase, the Train and Sustain phases of SOW support are in development. Train Phase provides the training caregivers, administrators and directors need to excel in their unique context. Sustain Phase helps orphanages discover new methods of sustainability and free themselves from the dangerous cycle of dependency.

If you or your organization are interested in getting involved with these projects or want more information about the Train and Sustain process, feel free to email us at [email protected] And check back soon for more information on these projects!