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This particular part of South Asia has the largest child population in the world. Unfortunately, newest research shows that approximately 4% of the child population in this region are orphans. That’s 20 million children with no family, a number that is projected to increase by 2021. Orphaned children face extreme vulnerabilities, including sex trafficking, forced child labor, HIV/ AIDS, and substance abuse. Many children have lost their parents because of abandonment due to poverty, illness and death.


Even children with families in this part of South Asia face unimaginable hardships. Most do not attend school regularly, as they are pressured to go to work and earn money for their families. Health is also a struggle as early 2 million children born per year in this part of the world do not live to the age of 5. These issues, combined with an unbalanced caste system make orphaned children in South Asia most at risk.


This ministry started with working among South Asia’s most illiterate and poor tribal communities. Majority of the children they encountered had been abandoned due to poverty, or had parents that were too ill to provide care. As a result, many children were forced to drop out of school and recruited to work  in the fields. As a result,  Good News to the Poor Orphanage was established.  The home has since taken in children who are orphaned, abandoned, forced into labor, or neglected. Good News to the Poor gives children a chance to go to school, hoping to give them a better future in spite of their vulnerability. The caretakers look for the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of the children residing there, giving them a home with hope and opportunity they wouldn’t have had elsewhere. 

Serving Orphans Worldwide travels to every orphanage we partner with to ensure needs are legitimate and 100% of funds distributed goes to the livelihood of the children.



Parents abandon their children for many reasons. Some include poverty, gender preferences or disabilities.

Child Labor

Although laws exist in this part of South Asia against child labor, many children do not escape the adversities of working dangerous jobs. 


It is estimated that 70,000 children in this part of South Asia under 15 are infected with HIV. In many cases , children are infected at birth.


Located in a rural area, approximately 2 km away from the nearest town, Good News to the Poor Orphanage has a building with plenty of space to accommodate the children. The property has land where they raise livestock to bring in extra income for the home.


Good News to the Poor ensures all their school aged children are enrolled. The children go to a nearby public school, and are provided with supplies, uniforms and tuition.


Good News to the Poor is a Christian based organization and seeks to teach children how to reflect Christ in their daily lives. 


Children at Good News to the Poor receive proper medical care and are taken to a nearby hospital when a serious medical emergency arises. They are provided with three nutritious meals a day, complete with protein, grains, vegetables and fruit.