The orphan crisis in Senegal is a pressing humanitarian issue characterized by a significant number of children who have lost one or both parents. Contributing factors to this crisis include high poverty rates, limited access to healthcare, inadequate social support systems, and the repercussions of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria. Additionally, factors such as conflict, irregular migration, and natural disasters have exacerbated the situation, leaving many children vulnerable and in need of assistance.


According to UNICEF, Senegal has an estimated 1.2 million orphans, accounting for approximately 12% of children in the country. The lack of parental care and support can have detrimental effects on the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of these children, hindering their development and future prospects. Efforts to address the orphan crisis in Senegal require a multi-faceted approach that focuses on improving social welfare programs, enhancing access to education and healthcare, and strengthening child protection mechanisms.



In 2020, the House of Life orphanage emerged in Senegal, aiming to tackle the ongoing orphan crisis in the region. Recognizing the dire circumstances faced by orphaned children, the founders of House of Life embarked on a mission to make a difference. With the blessing of the village chief, they opened their doors to those in need, offering a safe haven and a promising future for vulnerable children.


House of Life was established with a clear mission: to provide essential care and support to orphaned children in Senegal. This includes providing nutritious meals, safe and secure housing, access to education by sending them to school, and ensuring they receive proper healthcare. By addressing these fundamental needs, House of Life is not only offering immediate relief but also laying the foundation for a brighter tomorrow for these children.


Through their dedication and commitment, House of Life is making a tangible impact on the lives of orphaned children, offering them a chance to thrive despite the challenges they have faced. By offering holistic support and a nurturing environment, House of Life is not only addressing the orphan crisis but also sowing the seeds for a more promising future for the children under their care.

Serving Orphans Worldwide travels to every orphanage we partner with to ensure needs are legitimate and 100% of funds distributed goes to the livelihood of the children.



HIV/AIDS and malaria remain significant public health challenges in Senegal, influencing the country’s healthcare landscape and socioeconomic development. Senegal has made notable progress in addressing these diseases through various interventions and initiatives. However, continued efforts are required to combat their impact effectively.


Natural disasters in Senegal, such as floods, droughts, and coastal erosion, have had a profound impact on the country, contributing significantly to the orphan crisis. These disasters often result in the loss of lives, displacement of families, and destruction of homes and livelihoods, leaving many children orphaned and vulnerable.


Poverty is a pervasive issue in Senegal and plays a significant role in contributing to the orphan crisis in the country. The high levels of poverty in Senegal are characterized by limited access to basic necessities such as food, healthcare, education, and adequate housing, creating a challenging environment for families to provide for their children. This economic hardship is a key factor in the vulnerability of children and often leads to orphanhood.



House of Life, located in a rural area, provides a comfortable space for the children to live and play. Potable water is accessible 24/7 on the property, so the children do not have to worry about waterborne diseases on site.


House of Life believes in the life-changing power of education and ensures the children in their care have access to it. All the children attend private and public schools located just over 2km from their home. They are equipped with tuition, uniforms, and supplies. In addition to school, the children are taught Spanish classes.


House of Life encourages spiritual nourishment and fosters an environment of love and restoration. The children attend church every Sunday as well as participate in weekly devotionals. Once a week, they receive discipleship for personal growth. On Saturdays, the youth have a special Bible study and fellowship.


The children go to a nearby hospital and clinic when a medical issue arises and receive health checkups as needed. They are provided with three nutritious meals a day to ensure optimal growth and development. House of Life also offers counseling for the children as needed.