This particular part of South Asia has the largest child population in the world. Unfortunately, newest research shows that approximately 4% of the child population in this region are orphans. That’s 20 million children with no family, a number that is projected to increase by 2021. Orphaned children face extreme vulnerabilities, including sex trafficking, forced child labor, HIV/ AIDS, and substance abuse. Many children have lost their parents because of abandonment due to poverty, illness and death.

Even children with families in this part of South Asia face unimaginable hardships. Most do not attend school regularly, as they are pressured to go to work and earn money for their families. Health is also a struggle as early 2 million children born per year in this part of the world do not live to the age of 5. These issues, combined with an unbalanced caste system make orphaned children in South Asia most at risk.


In 2005, several smaller orphanages in collaboration with an American church worked together to create Voices of Love, a haven of hope for over 100 children in South Asia. The home has experienced many challenges over the years, with many children sleeping on mats in the floor during the early years and dealing with the struggle to learn English. However, in recent years, we have received  reports of where God provided in their times of struggle and uncertainty. The children now have colorful beds and mattresses and excel in their studies, even proving to be assets to their schools in sports, drama, debates, and other extra-curricular activities. The founder, Ebe George, remains a diligent overseer of the site and greatly stresses education. He knows, and we agree, that this gift of education is breaking the cycle of poverty and provides hope to so many who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to study in an environment like the school they attend. Reverend George recently told us, “After 8 years, we lift our hands, giving God the Glory for dreams being realized, the impossible made possible, and lives being transformed. Glory to God. The mission continues.” And so it does.

Serving Orphans Worldwide travels to every orphanage we partner with to ensure needs are legitimate and 100% of funds distributed goes to the livelihood of the children.



Child abandonment has become an increased issued in this part of South Asia since 2009. In most cases these children are abandoned because of financial issues, relational problems, gender preferences or simply because they are unwanted.


It’s been reported by the State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) that there is a 200% increase in reported crimes against children in this part of South Asia. Rape tops this list.

Child Labor

There are an estimated 17 million child laborers in this particular part of South Asia, the world’s highest number of working children. A lot of these children end up as “street beggars” and “rag pickers”, scouring the garbage dumps.


The home is one building with three separate levels providing dorms, bathrooms, a kitchen, a library, study hall, and guest rooms. The home hopes to add another room for a computer lab. Through their multiple ministries through the local church caring for people from all sorts of backgrounds and age groups, Voices of Love is a true reflection of Christ’s love to those around them.


Education is an important facet of the work that Voices of Love does; they believe that it gives children the power of possibility, and the power to rise above the poverty level. Altogether, the children go to three different schools, where they must walk or take public transport. Eventually, the home plans to build their own school to continue shaping the lives of children on their own premises. 


While ministering to the children in their care, the home also serves the community around them alongside the local church, sharing the good news of Christ. All of the children go to church and are able to hear the gospel as well as own a Bible of their own. The children are musically talented, and the home would love to provide them with instruments so that they can use those talents express themselves, and to praise and worship God.


The home provides their children with three well-balanced meals a day consisting of rice, noodles, meat, vegetables, and eggs. However, they are always making plans to improve the children’s diet. When needed the children receive proper medical care. However, regular tests are expensive and the children are not always able to have access to those. 


Voices of Love South Asia – Sponsorship Needs

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This year, we have a goal to help improve the quality of care for these amazing children, and we need your help. Your gift will help provide education, a safe home, health, and adult mentors who can share the Love of Christ. Our promise to you is that 100% will go directly to the home.

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