Kenya is often known for its stunning landscapes, diverse terrain, and fascinating wildlife. Yet, despite the beauty, there are whole host of underlying issues that adversely affect its citizens. Systemic problems such as high crime rates due to unemployment, lack of access to clean water and adequate social services makes the poor living conditions difficult to overcome. Kenya continues to be one of the most HIV affected countries in the world, with 1.6 million people currently affected by the disease and 62,000 new cases being reported in 2016. With as many as 36,000 AIDS related deaths, many children are left without family. Unfortunately, due to the stigma that surrounds these deaths, extended family are reluctant to care for these children because of fear that they might bring the disease into their homes.


The Kibera slum is the largest slum in Africa with over a quarter of Nairobi residents living there. With an estimated 60% of Nairobi’s population occupying only  6% of the land, living conditions are poor and unsanitary. There are a whole host of issues that affect the people living in the slum, including extreme poverty, substance abuse and addiction, disease and crime. There is no access to clean water, systems for sanitation, or services like healthcare or schools. This is because the land technically belongs to the government, and most of the people living there are unlawful tenants. Children who have been orphaned or abandoned in Kenya face many dangers, and rely on children’s homes like Agape Hope to provide immediate relief from the harsh realities they would otherwise face.


Victorious Children’s Home (VCH) began as a result of founder, Vicki Odundo coming to know Christ. She felt the call to help children who were in the same condition as she was growing up. She began by feeding street children 3 times a year on Valentine’s Day, Easter, & Christmas. Soon her pastor realized her calling and helped register the home as an official non profit organization and secure a small home. They started with 5 children. Soon the home moved to a larger facility and grew to 50, then 62 and today has 125 residents. 

Serving Orphans Worldwide travels to every orphanage we partner with to ensure needs are legitimate and 100% of funds distributed goes to the livelihood of the children.



More than 40% of the Kenyan population lives under the national poverty line and the unemployment rate is more than 40%, as well. This is a common reason why children are abandoned.


7 out of 10 young adults in Kenya reported that they had been physically abused at least once before the age of 18.


Of the 2.6 million orphaned children in Kenya, nearly 40% lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. In less educated areas, many of these children are abandoned out of fear of the disease.


Victorious Children’s home comfortably houses all the children with plenty of room for them to live and play. Victorious also farms a 5 acre plot to raise crops to sell for income. 


Victorious Children’s Home ensures that all the school aged children are enrolled in school. The home provides each child with tuition, uniforms and school supplies.


Victorious Children’s Home is a community based organization run on Christian principles and values. The children who come to the home are raised to know the unconditional love of the Father.


The children are provided with proper medical care, and are taken to a nearby hospital if an emergency arises. They are given three nutritious meals a day, complete with protein, grains, vegetables and fruit. 


Brian, 17 years old, Kenya

Hi I'm Brian! Age 17 I currently live in Kenya Brian is a very active boy.…

3 of 3 donors

Brian, 17 years old, Kenya

3 of 3 donors

Hi I'm Brian!

Age 17

I currently live in Kenya

Brian is a very active boy. He loves to be outside playing just about any sport. There is a small river near the home, and Brian also enjoys swimming and racing his friends after school.
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