Tanzania, like other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, is stunning in landscape. However, a whole host of underlying issues adversely affect its citizens. Systemic problems such as high crime rates due to unemployment, lack of access to clean water, and adequate social services make poor living conditions challenging to overcome. Tanzania continues to be one of the most HIV-affected countries globally, with millions currently affected by the disease. With so many AIDS-related deaths, many children are left without family. Unfortunately, extended families are reluctant to care for these children due to the stigma surrounding these deaths because they fear they might bring the disease into their homes.


Children in Tanzania who have been orphaned or abandoned face many struggles. In addition to being at risk of trafficking, rape, and extreme poverty, children in Tanzania are rarely allowed to overcome their situation. A recent United Nations report shows that orphaned and vulnerable children in developing countries are less likely to finish primary school. Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rate of children dropping out of school worldwide. Poor health, social oppression, early marriage, lack of transportation, and trauma are just some of the barriers that prevent the successful completion of school among orphaned children, especially girls. Twenty-eight million girls between the ages of 6 and 15 across Africa are not in school, and many will never have the chance to enter a classroom.


Matonyok Children Home is a non-profit organization in Tanzania, founded in 2005. The organization is dedicated to providing care and support to vulnerable children. The organization’s mission is to empower children who have lost their parents or cannot live with them until adulthood by offering them a safe and nurturing environment, education, healthcare, and opportunities for growth. Matonyok Children Home is guided by values of integrity, accountability, compassion, respect, and collaboration. The organization has a history of addressing the needs of vulnerable children and is committed to their holistic well-being and future prospects. The organization’s current status reflects its success in providing comprehensive care, education, and support to children in need. Matonyok Children’s Home offers a safe and loving environment, stability, educational opportunities, healthcare access, and psychosocial services. Its strengths lie in its love and compassion for children, safe and nurturing environment, education opportunities, and commitment to its mission.

Serving Orphans Worldwide travels to every orphanage we partner with to ensure needs are legitimate and 100% of funds distributed goes to the livelihood of the children.



Families living in extreme poverty, gender preferences, and children born as a result of rape are some of the various reason why children are abandoned in Tanzania.

Double Orphaned

In addition to the AIDS epidemic, accidents often happen in Tanzania, leaving behind children with no place to go. 


Many of the children who come under the care of the Matonyok Children’s Home have suffered through sexual abuse in their homes.



Matonyok aims to establish a nurturing permanent home for children who have lost their parents or cannot live with them until adulthood. The organization conducts needs assessments, acquires suitable infrastructure, and recruits and trains caregivers to create a stable and supportive environment. Regular monitoring and evaluation ensure the well-being and progress of the children in their care.


Matonyok offers educational opportunities to children under its care, aiming to provide stability and a path for growth. The organization is committed to offering formal education, and the plan likely includes initiatives to support the educational needs of the children. Educational empowerment is a key aspect of the strategic plan, aligning with Matonyok’s mission to provide opportunities for the intellectual development of the children.


Matonyok has every day praying evening classes and Friday school timetable classes for bible studies in developing the children. Matonyok also offers Christianity learning opportunities at Lutheran church and the kids who are abandoned get baptized.


Comprehensive care, treatment, and support are provided for children living with HIV and disabilities. Matonyok ensures access to essential services such as ARV medication, nutritional assistance, and psychosocial support.