The population in this part of Nepal is comprised partly of people from the hill area who migrated as a result of government instability, as well as those who came in hopes of better opportunity in farming. However, many times families are unable to find opportunity due to the caste system. The population is comprised of 39 different castes. This marginalizes many families who are left with no hope of moving beyond their circumstances. Many children are abandoned or forced to work and provide for their families, leaving them without an education or hope of breaking the poverty cycle. Countless more are abandoned and left highly vulnerable to other issues.



Since her childhood, the director of Nepal Home has had the burden to take care of orphans and underprivileged children in her community. As she saw many small children being affected by the Maoist insurgency and girls sold for sex trafficking, her heart to help orphaned and vulnerable children began to grow. After her studies in India, she prayed for God to guide her in how to help.


In 2014, the director along with her husband, had the opportunity to open the doors of their home to a child who need. After the 2015 Nepal earthquake, many children we left orphaned and they were able to help. Today, the Nepal Home is providing a safe home for these children, giving them access to nutritious food, healthcare and education and to the knowledge of the hope found in Christ.

Serving Orphans Worldwide travels to every orphanage we partner with to ensure needs are legitimate and 100% of funds distributed goes to the livelihood of the children.



Natural disasters such as the 2015 Nepal earthquake have hit this region hard, destroying lives and homes. These natural disasters have left many children orphaned with no where to go.


Nearly 25% of Nepal’s population is living in poverty. Poor families often have to send their children to work rather than school, furthering the cycle.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking in Nepal is a growing problem in Nepal. Orphaned children are most vulnerable to trafficking, because thy are often left to fend for themselves, making them specific targets for this crime.



Angel’s Home operates out of a house comprised of separated rooms where the children sleep, a kitchen, bathrooms, and plenty of room for the children to live and play.


The children are provided with proper medical care, and are taken to a nearby hospital if an emergency arises. . The children are given three nutritious meals a day, complete with protein, grains, vegetables and fruit.


At Angel’s Home, they are serious about faith! Founded on Christian principles, staff make it a priority to teach the children about the love of Christ through regular church services, devotions and bible studies.


At Angel’s Home, all eligible children are enrolled in a private off site school where they are transported safely by bus. A tutor has also been hired to come and help the children academically according to their needs.