Alpha and Omega Home – Mexico
Poza Rica, Mexico
Current phase of support:

27 Boys

26 Girls

17 Double Orphans

16 Staff

1 Additional Children

(Served through school, feeding programs, rehabilitation, etc.)

Poza Rica is a fairly new city, officially founded in 1951.

70  SQ. MILE         458,330  POP.

Poza Rica is a well-populated, new city in the Mexican state of Veracruz. Due to its rich oil wells, the city has grown immensely over the past 50 years. However, despite its modern buildings and growing economy, the city still is still not always a safe place for children. Violence due to drugs and gangs still plagues the state. Children are abandoned and abused as a result. Of the 111 million people living in Mexico today, it’s believed that as many as 10 million are children under age 18 who have either been abandoned or lost their parents due to drug related violence. Thousands of these children are forced into child labor or resort to thievery or prostitution to survive.

One couple heard the cries of orphaned children in Poza Rica, and reacted in service and love.

In 1992, Pastor Elias Herrera and his wife, Teresa, stumbled upon a group of abandoned children living under a bridge. In that moment, God laid in on their hearts to care for vulnerable and orphaned children. They started by just taking the children to Sunday school and feeding them. With the help of their church, they began the Alpha and Omega Children’s Home. Today, 67 children happily reside and are educated on this beautiful, mountainside campus. While monthly sponsorship programs provide a limited amount of income, much more financial support is needed for the future sustainability and continued hope of Alpha and Omega.

Serving Orphans Worldwide travels to every orphanage we partner with to ensure needs are legitimate and 100% of funds distributed goes to the livelihood of the children.

3 prominent issues
Issues have been identified by children who have faced or escaped these struggles in their region of the world.


Many children are abandoned in Mexico because of domestic violence and abuse, poverty, or because their families have fled to the U.S. Many abandoned children wander the streets, where they work and are more prone to suffer from exploitation .

Physical Abuse

Living in poverty, children in Mexico are more prone to abuse in their homes and in school due. Compared to other countries, Mexico has one of the highest rates of child death from abuse.

Substance Abuse

Many children in this part of Mexico are surrounded by cartel activity. Many gangs recruit from amongst the poorest neighborhoods. For many, earning money through criminal activity and the drug trade is more appealing than the alternative of extreme poverty.


Alpha and Omega home resides in the beautiful mountains of Poza Rica, Mexico, and the stairs are literally carved from the rock it rests on. Currently it is comprised of 5 completed buildings plus one under construction. The home is currently working towards creating a multi-purpose facility that will serve many functions. Inside the home, the children's beds and rooms are updated when needed. The all have their own sets of clothes, but as their feet are always growing the would greatly benefit from access to new shoes.


The children are served 3 nourishing meals a day. The home receives some of its food from the land and livestock which they farm, providing a source of sustainability. Until recently, the home did not have running water or a well, so they had to pay a high price to receive clean water. However, a well was generously provided to Alpha and Omega, and now the caretakers and children enjoy clean water right within the premises. The children have access to proper medical care, and are always taken care of when they are sick. However, in order to continue medical care for the children, the home is still in need of support.


The home sees to it that all children attend church and own their own copy of God's Word. The home stands firms on God's faithfulness, trusting him to always work out his plans. They say that God gives them what they need just at the right time.


Children who are in kindergarten through 6th grade go to school on premises, and the children who are in 7th through 12th grade or in university attend a public school off-site. The home provides the necessary funds each week so that the children can have proper school supplies and transportation. However, as the cost continues to grow, the home could use more support to continue sending these children to school.