Bless the Children Home – Guyana
Georgetown, East Coast Demerara, Guyana
Current phase of support:

12 Boys

5 Girls

1 Double Orphans

8 Staff

100 Additional Children

(Served through school, feeding programs, rehabilitation, etc.)

Georgetown is the capital of Guyana and the country's largest urban center.

57  SQ. MILE         235,017  POP.

Guyana lies on the northern coast of South America, with Georgetown situated right along the East Coast Demerara region. This beautiful country houses an incredibly diverse population, with large ethnic groups originating from India, Africa, Europe, and China. Due to significant political and socio-economic issues, more than 200,000 children live in extreme poverty in Guyana. Without the safety net of an adequate foster care system, the country relies on orphanages to keep children who have been abused or abandoned off the streets and in capable hands.

Surujnauth and Sheila Surujpaul saw the desperate plight of children in Guyana and started Bless the Children Home in response.

After pastoring a church in the United States for 17 years, Guyanese natives Surujnauth and Sheila Surujpaul felt the call to return to Guyana. In response to the crisis of orphaned and vulnerable children they saw in their country, they started Bless the Children Home in 2007. Most of the children in this home are social orphans, meaning that their parents either abandoned them completely or were proven unfit to raise them by law. The children in this home all have stories tainted by abuse, abandonment, or exploitation. The orphanage provides a loving home to many children who have experienced anything but love from their biological families.

Serving Orphans Worldwide travels to every orphanage we partner with to ensure needs are legitimate and 100% of funds distributed goes to the livelihood of the children.

3 prominent issues
Issues have been identified by children who have faced or escaped these struggles in their region of the world.


Many children in Guyana are abandoned because of poverty. This leaves them to fend for themselves, vulnerable and seemingly forgotten.


East Coast Demerara has the highest incidences of child abuse in the country of Guyana.


Roughly two-thirds of Guyana's population is living in poverty.


The property where the orphanages sits was donated by Sheila Surujpaul as part of her dream to build a home for children in her native country. The orphanage's two buildings provide living quarters for the children as well as the directors. Although this facility can potentially care for 40 children, budgetary constraints have led to limited enrollment. Your gifts will allow the Bless the Children Orphanage to be sustained and reach its full capacity.


The children at Bless the Children Home have access to clean water, but are still in need of a new water purifier to make it more readily accessible.


By God’s grace, Surujnauth and his wife rewrite the stories of these little ones everyday and help them heal from their traumatic pasts. Their hope is that, after being under their loving care, the children will continue serving the Lord when they leave the orphanage.


The children at this home all attend a public school near the home. However, they are still in need of books that they use in school as well as transportation expenses.