Casa Hogar Maria Atkinson – Mexico
Obregon, Mexico
Current phase of support:

11 Boys

19 Girls

10 Double Orphans

9 Staff

3 Additional Children

(Served through school, feeding programs, rehabilitation, etc.)

Obregon is the second largest city in the state of Sonora.

1.86  SQ. MILE         350,000  POP.

Obregon is a fairly diverse city, and in recent years, its violence level has gone down. However, many Mexicans pass through Sonora to attempt to cross the border in Arizona. Nearly 10% of the apprehensions at the border were in the state of Sonora. Often even children will attempt this journey unaccompanied by their parents. Children are vulnerable to a host of issues in Mexico, leading them to try to run away. Of the 111 million people living in Mexico today, it’s believed that as many as 10 million are children under age 18 who have either been abandoned or lost their parents due to drug related violence. Another considerable number of children have been taken from their homes due to unsafe circumstances and parent negligence, these also often related to involvement with illegal drugs.

In place where children are often at-risk, neglected, and abused, Casa Hogar steps in to provide a safe haven

Casa Hogar began with a group of people in Obregón City who sought to provide a happy, healthy home to the street children they constantly encountered. In 2007, their dream was realized as Casa welcomed its first group of children in need. Today, they are able to provide a safe haven for the precious young people that first stirred their hearts and many others who are at-risk in the country of Mexico. By the grace of God, they’ve even been able to find adoptive parents for a few of the children in their care. Pray with us that God continues to bless their efforts and consider supporting this home with us.

Serving Orphans Worldwide travels to every orphanage we partner with to ensure needs are legitimate and 100% of funds distributed goes to the livelihood of the children.

3 prominent issues
Issues have been identified by children who have faced or escaped these struggles in their region of the world.


Many children are abandoned in Obregon, forced to live on the street. It was for this very reason that Casa Hogar was built.


Children are often prone to abuse from their own families. Mexico has one of the highest rates of child deaths from abuse in the world.


Many children are abandoned because family members are unable to provide basic needs such as shelter, healthcare, food and education.


Caretakers at the home create a family-like atmosphere, teaching the children how to live by walking through life with them. Each child is taken care of according to their individual needs. The home has much joy as they have seen many of their children leave with forever families. Right now the home is in need of new mattresses for the children to sleep on each night, as well as new clothes for the children. There are also a few minor repairs that need to take place, such as patching up the roof to prevent rain water from coming in. The home is currently working on ways to make their premises more safe and secure, and with your help, those plans could become reality.


Each day the children are served a hearty 3 meals and 2 snacks that help them grow strong and healthy. The home would love to be able to buy more meat for the children to eat at their meals, but need the extra support to do so. The children have been mostly healthy and major illnesses have stayed away, but for when sickness does strike, the home needs further funding to give their children proper medical care.


A caretaker at Casa Hogar has said, "Our children are most valuable, so every day we work to offer them a better life." They seek to teach them about a better life through Christian principles. Each child has access to their own copy of God's Word, and they all attend church. The caretakers at the home say that is has been beautiful to watch the children gradually transform by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through intentional discipleship, children at Casa Hogar are coming to know Jesus and his immense love for them.


The home has its own primary school and preschool on premises. Right now, one of their most urgent needs is to provide education to children who are far behind where they should be in school. While they currently run a quality school, they are always looking ahead to see how they can improve. The home is also in need of support for three teenagers who go to a public school off-campus.