Do-Chon – China
Yanji City, China
Current phase of support:

19 Boys

8 Girls

23 Double Orphans

3 Staff

Additional Children

(Served through school, feeding programs, rehabilitation, etc.)

Yanji City has the largest Korean population out of all the cities in China.

514  SQ. MILE         432,339  POP.

Yanji City, although located on mainland China, has a largely Korean population. In fact, it is often considered more of a Korean community than a Chinese one. Many Koreans moved to this area of China throughout the 19th and 20th centuries because of Japanese occupation in Korea. By comparison, Yanji City is quite small. But recent growth proves it to be a prosperous nation. It's location makes it a hub of transport and trade between Korea and China. However, orphans remain some of the most vulnerable in China. Government restrictions on children leave them with a high risk of being abandoned or given up. UNICEF estimates that there are 5.8 million disabled children in China. These children suffer from discrimination, and often that means that they don't receive the education they need. Many disabled children are abandoned.

Do-Chon Orphanage sees inherent worth in the children that society might deem an outcast.

In 1997, the late Dr. Young-Chul Han visited Yanji City from Korea and took notice of the numerous amounts of orphans and handicapped children in the area. It was then that Dr. Han decided to devote his life to caring for those most vulnerable in Yanji City's population. In 2001, Do-Chon was birthed. Today it still exists for the purpose of rescuing orphaned or abandoned children who suffer from congenital abnormalities or mental deficiencies. Due to these special needs, many children are abandoned and left homeless as a result of their disabilities. The orphanage serves as a safe haven to these children who have been deemed “useless” by much of their society. Today, Do-Chon is home to 25 special needs children who are educated and lovingly cared for each day. Your contributions are desperately needed for regular monthly support, construction maintenance on the orphanage home, and school supplies - please help us to continue rescuing this most vulnerable population in Northeast China.

Serving Orphans Worldwide travels to every orphanage we partner with to ensure needs are legitimate and 100% of funds distributed goes to the livelihood of the children.

2 prominent issues
Issues have been identified by children who have faced or escaped these struggles in their region of the world.


Restrictions on children has led to high numbers of infant abandonment in China. Poverty and disability also contribute to this issue. UNICEF estimates that around 700,000 Chinese children are orphaned or abandoned, but the number is likely much higher.


UNICEF estimates that there are 5.8 million disabled children in China. These children are often viewed as outcasts of society, and seen as a burden. Many families respond to the challenge of raising a disabled child by abandoning them.


Do-Chon orphanage in China was recently purchased and refurbished through a grant from a private American charity, The Lazarus Foundation. The structure is a true home for the children who find refuge there. The facility provides plenty of living area for all of the children to sleep, plus classrooms, a recently updated kitchen, a bathroom, and a dining room. Daily operations require monthly support, and we hope you consider joining us in helping this orphanage thrive.


Due to the amount of disabled children in their care, Do-Chon provides the utmost care for those little ones with special needs. A local doctor comes to the orphanage to check on the children, and the children receive the vaccinations and medical tests they need to stay illness free. The children are also loved and cared for as they should be. One urgent need of the home is the funds to provide their children with the medical insurance they need to better ensure their long term health.


Founded on the desire to show forgotten children the love of Christ, Do-Chon continues to remind children of their worth and value. Daily devotions are held at the home. Do-Chon is especially blessed to have members of a local church come to their facility to lead a worship service for their children.


Due to the disabilities of most of the children, only a few go to a public school off-premises. In order to provide those children with the best possible long-term education, Do-Chon needs assistance to provide for tuition. For the kids who cannot go to public school, the home tries to meet the educational needs of the children as best they can.