Gentle Hands Children’s Home – Phillippines
Quezon City, Philippines
Current phase of support:

55 Boys

59 Girls

114 Double Orphans

40 Staff

100 Additional Children

(Served through school, feeding programs, rehabilitation, etc.)

Quezon City is the most populous city in the Philippines.

64  SQ. MILE         2,761,720  POP.

Quezon City is a major urban center of the Philippines, as it makes up the metropolitan area of Manila, the capital. It is a thriving and growing city, brimming with opportunity. However, according to UNICEF, out of the 93 million people who populate the Philippines, 48 million are vulnerable to conflict or natural disaster. Sadly, the urban world often still poses threats for children, especially those who must live in the slum areas. A UNICEF study reported that it is these children who are even more vulnerable to neglect, abuse, and exploitation. Many times children are forced to the streets in these situations, with estimates of nearly a quarter of a million in major cities.

Gentle Hands Children's Home rescues and restores hurting children.

Gentle Hands, Inc. is a front lines child welfare agency dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of at-risk children in the Philippines. It is run by Charity and Evan Graff along with a paid and volunteer staff of over 30. It houses more than 50 babies and children all in various stages of rehabilitation, legal paperwork, adoption, and reunification. This children’s home acts as a life changing sanctuary for many abused and abandoned children in the Philippines. It is one of only five agencies in the whole country which has a license to recruit and license foster families. This home is a strong voice for advocacy of child rights in the Philippines.

Your monthly donations will help to continue the work of rescuing, feeding, loving, and educating the Philippines most vulnerable victims.

Serving Orphans Worldwide travels to every orphanage we partner with to ensure needs are legitimate and 100% of funds distributed goes to the livelihood of the children.

2 prominent issues
Issues have been identified by children who have faced or escaped these struggles in their region of the world.


In a recent study UNICEF found that 4 in 10 Filipino children live in poverty. Often this drives the child to work for their families, making them at-risk for exploitation, often in the form of abuse.


Gentle Hands is on the front lines of rescuing abandoned children. Just recently they were able to spare the lives two babies who were left by their mothers. UNICEF estimates that around 1.8 million children are abandoned or neglected in the Philippines.


The 2 buildings which comprise Gentle Hands Children's Home are multilevel, providing plenty of space for all the various needs of the home. However, with the number of children they have taken in steadily rising, Gentle Hands desires to hire more staff but currently lacks the funding. As for children leaving the home, Gentle Hands has been able to see many children find forever families through adoption. Consider coming alongside them as they care for the Philippines' most vulnerable.


While the children do receive three full meals a day, extra funding would allow them to include a wider range of foods such as meat or milk. On a recent visit, a SOW representative noted that the children look very well nourished and happy. Most of the medical care takes place on site, but there are children in the home who are in desperate need for dental check ups as well as eye and ear exams. One baby needs immediate heart surgery. Please consider contributing to the health of these children as they start their lives at Gentle Hands.


A SOW representative said that Gentle Hands not only takes good care of their children, but also gives them an outstanding spiritual formation. The home looks to God for their needs, knowing that he is faithful. God has blessed their ministry as they rescue babies from abandonment and see many children come to restoration and healing.


All of the children at Gentle Hands attend public school or are homeschooled. The home just finished renovating a new space for a classroom. There are children of all ages who are supported by the home, from elementary school to college. However, tuition for older children is costly and it does add another expense to the home's budget. Further funding is needed to supply the school children with proper uniforms. We hope that you will consider supporting Gentle Hands as they give so many children the opportunity for an education.