Mount Carmel Children’s Home – India
Kottayam, India
Current phase of support:

15 Boys

20 Girls

3 Double Orphans

9 Staff

32 Additional Children

(Served through school, feeding programs, rehabilitation, etc.)

Kottayam is known as city of three 'L's - Literacy, Lakes and Latex. It's the first town to achieve 100% literacy rate in India.

853  SQ. MILE         357,533  POP.

India has the largest child population in the world. However, children there face unimaginable hardships. Most do not attend school regularly, pressured to go to work and earn money for their families. It is estimated that there are nearly 60 million child laborers in India. Health is also a struggle, as nearly 2 million of India's 27 million children born per year do not live to the age of 5. For those who do, nearly 40% suffer from malnutrition. These issues combined make children the most vulnerable in India.

Mount Carmel Children's Home betters the lives of the most vulnerable in India: children.

Mount Carmel Children's Home is located in Kottayam, India. The home has a purpose to give children who have been abandoned or orphaned a safe, loving and nurturing environment. Staff at Mount Carmel work to ensure that all the physical, spiritual, emotional and educational needs of the children are met and that they are given every opportunity to reach their full potential.

Serving Orphans Worldwide travels to every orphanage we partner with to ensure needs are legitimate and 100% of funds distributed goes to the livelihood of the children.

3 prominent issues
Issues have been identified by children who have faced or escaped these struggles in their region of the world.


Child abandonment has become an increased issued in Kottayam since 2009. In most cases these children are abandoned because of financial issues, relational problems, or simply because of unwantedness.


It's been reported by the State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) that there is a 200% increase in reported crimes against children in Kerala. Rape tops this list.

Child Labor

There are an estimated 17 million child laborers in India, the world's highest number of working children. A lot of these children end up as "street beggars" and "rag pickers", scouring the garbage with animals.


The home is made up of four separate buildings: the dining hall and kitchen, the boys dormitory, the girls dormitory, and the chapel. The dormitories are provided with gender appropriate sleeping arrangements and each child is provided with a warm bed. The home is also provided with electricity and an indoor plumbing system.


The children of Mount Carmel are supplied with four meals a day. The meals usually consists of a protein, grain, vegetable, and tea. But because of funds they are not able to receive all of the essential nutrients every day and have to cut back. With the help of a loving donor the home hopes to be able to fulfill this important need for the children!


The home strives to provide the children with the spiritual need their hearts crave. Mount Carmel takes the time to teach the children about the Bible and Jesus through lessons and Bible studies during the week. The children are also involved in church on Sundays.


The children in the home are enrolled in public school. They are transported there by walking, public vehicles, or a vehicle owned by the home. With the help of a donor the home can provide for even more of the children's educational needs by providing more with tuition and computers to expand their learning experience!