Although family is the ideal solution to the orphan crisis, we understand that it’s not an immediate option for most children globally. In fact, it is estimated that around one percent of children without forever families will be eligible for adoption in the coming year. That’s why we believe our place in the ever-evolving landscape of orphan care is to support orphanages and children’s homes, because they are often the only option for orphaned children.

We identify struggling children’s homes around the world with a lot of potential. We come alongside them with the initial resources to keep their doors open. We assist in training opportunities and ongoing funding necessary to  raise their quality of care, and we provide the means for our partner homes to move beyond mere survival and to pursue self-sustainability.


We’re fast and furious about orphan care
What’s black, yellow, and orange all over? It may just be one of the most unique donations we’ve received yet!
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Charlie and the Harley
Nothing warms a heart more during the Christmas season than hearing the inspiring story of a cheerful giver! And if
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We Say Farewell, but Never Goodbye
Anyone who has spent a few moments with Richard Baker knows his passion for hurting humanity, especially orphans, is undeniable.
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What is easy…
The following is a short story by Charity Graff, the director of Gentle Hands Orphanage in the Philippines. Through her
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