The Philippines is known for its beautiful coastlines and lush landscapes. However, the country has struggled with the growing number of children being abandoned.  According to the United Nations Children’s Rights & Emergency Relief Organization, approximately 1.8 million children are abandoned or neglected. Although the country has seen a decline in poverty rates in recent years, a staggering  36 percent of people living in rural communities live below the poverty line.  Agriculture and fishing are a common source of income for families in the Philippines, but unfortunately, the country is extremely prone to natural disasters, impacting productivity.  Poverty is a common contributing factor to child abandonment. Families feel they cannot provide for their children, and leave them to find work elsewhere. Natural disasters have also created issues of displacement and the death of parents. In addition to natural disasters, the southern part of the Philippines has had a long history of armed conflict. Today, regions that are most impacted by armed conflict are also the places with the highest number of orphans. Unfortunately, children who have lost one of both parents face numerous vulnerabilities such as human trafficking, recruitment as child soldiers, child labor, prostitution, substance abuse and gang recruitment.


Horizon of Hope Village is a mission-based orphanage and missionary guesthouse in the Philippines. Under new management, Executive Director Julie Ann Bacani and her team aim to introduce every child that is placed in their care to Christ while being loved and nurtured in a safe and healing environment. The hope is that their experience at the home would encourage them to become productive members of their community. At Horizon of Hope, staff members aim to create a secure place where the children can play and enjoy their childhood, while also encouraging them to kindle their potential by providing creative opportunities to learn and grow.

Serving Orphans Worldwide travels to every orphanage we partner with to ensure needs are legitimate and 100% of funds distributed goes to the livelihood of the children.



Horizon of Hope Village continues to rescue abandoned children.  UNICEF estimates that around 1.8 million children are abandoned or neglected in the Philippines.


In a recent study UNICEF found that 4 in 10 Filipino children live in poverty. Often this drives the child to work for their families, making them at-risk for exploitation, often in the form of abuse.


The unfortunate ramifications of the high level of poverty and abandonment are the vulnerability of these children, with abuse being the top factor in their circumstances.


Two identical buildings make up Horizon of Hope Village. Each building consists of two 947 sq ft levels, totaling in 1,894 sq ft. The buildings are built of sturdy cement walls, tile flooring, and tin roofs. There is plenty of space for the children to roam and play.


At Horizon of Hope, health is a top priority. When a medical emergency arises, the children are taken to a nearby hospital. All the children have received their vaccinations as recommended by their governmental health organization and recommended medical tests are regularly administered.


Faith is a top priority at this home. Every child is encouraged to build their own relationship with Christ, and learn more about their faith through bible studies, daily devotions, and weekly church services.


The children at Horizon of Hope Village are enrolled in an off-campus private school and they are transported by a vehicle owned by the home to ensure the children’s safety.