When you sponsor a child through SOW, 100 percent of your monthly support will go directly to providing your child with a home, access to healthcare, education, discipleship and more. In order to cover all needs, we allow up to 3 sponsors per child.


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100 percent will go directly to improving the quality of life for your sponsored child and not to any of SOW’s administrative costs. ALWAYS.

Global orphan care is complicated, costly, and sometimes riddled with corruption. When you make a gift through SOW, you can know that all of our partner homes agree to provide a high standard of care and accountability. This includes announced and unannounced site visits, monthly reports, and other measures to ensure that your gift is changing the life of an orphaned or abandoned child. Our promise to you is that 100% of your gift will go directly to orphan care. The SOW administrative costs have already been covered (Everything from staff salaries to paper clips). You will also have a specific name and face to pray for, and throughout the year, you will receive updates and communication from your sponsored child in the form of letters, artwork, or emails.

Why do we allow up to 3 sponsors per child?

The cost to provide home, health, faith and education to each child varies around the world. However, we allow up to three sponsors per child because the true cost to raise a child within all of our partner homes exceed $38 per month. Your $38 per month combined with others allow our partner homes to give a child more than the basic necessities to survive, but the skills and opportunities to thrive as they transition to adulthood.

With your partnership, every sponsored child will receive:

Safety and shelter

Nutritious meals


A place to call home


dental care

Access to healthcare

Emotional support

Love of Christ


Spiritual growth

Environment of faith

Literacy skills

Chance to attend school

Art and sports development

Path to future career