Join us in helping to support and resettle our partners in Ukraine.

Serving Orphans Worldwide works with Christian children’s homes and orphan care projects in 32 countries. We come alongside these homes to provide monthly support, invest in sustainability ventures, capital needs, and grant scholarships for many of the children when they age out of care. Our model is unique in that 100% of everything you give goes directly to orphan care. Thanks to a group of special sponsors, all of the administrative costs for SOW are completely covered.
A year later, we remember the invasion of Feb 24th, 2022. One year ago, all of the children and staff at our partner homes in Ukraine experienced real fear, trauma, and the pain of war. Because of your support, we have been able to provide immediate aid, facilitate evacuations, and meet increased needs. Currently, we are also working hard to help purchase a new property in Western Ukraine for our partner home in Mariupol that was completely destroyed. Please join with us and help us resettle the children and staff back home to a safe and well-equipped home. See a photo below of the property we are working to purchase and a video about our partner home in Mariupol that was destroyed. We now support seven partner homes in Ukraine who had to evacuate the staff and children last year when the invasion began. Our organization has created a special Ukrainian Crisis fund to provide ongoing and tangible relief efforts to our partners in the field and the children they serve. Our team has been working hard to build a coalition on the ground in Ukraine, Poland, and Germany to move supplies, evacuate women and children, and ensure funds are received directly by our Ukrainian partners on the ground. These funds will be needed in the months ahead and through next year as we repair or possibly resettle and rebuild some of our children’s homes. These recovery efforts will take a lot of resources in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Follow our Social Media and join our email list for more information as it becomes available. Thank you for standing with our Ukrainian partners at this time!


A New Property in Western Ukraine

Two of our partner homes were COMPLETELY destroyed last year in Mariupol and Slavyasnk. The ministry in Mariupol, Pilgrim, was hit particularly hard. The children have been at a shelter in Germany since last spring and were told they need to leave before the summer of 2023. Our team has been working for 8 months to find them a new safe and well-equipped location to resettle. We need to raise $480,000 to purchase a property in the mountains of Western Ukraine. This property will accommodate up to 100 residents, and it will be an amazing location to resettle our partner home from Mariupol. The Director Gennadiy Mokhnenko reports that they will not be able to return to Mariupol till after the war, and then they will need to rebuild. This property will serve as a safe and semi-permanent resettlement option for them as well as offering refuge and summer camps to several of our other Ukrainian partner homes in the months and years ahead.

Watch Pastor Gennadiy’s Story:

Gennadiy Mokhnenko is the founder of Pilgrim Republic children’s home and rehab center in Mariupol, Ukraine. After evacuating the women, children, and staff to a safe location, he is currently back near his hometown of Mariupol serving his local community and providing relief. All five of our partner homes work hard to provide children in their care with a safe home, healthcare, an education, and adult mentors who can share the Love of Christ. All of our Ukrainian homes also participate in adoption and family reunification programs.